About us

About Us

Resin World is an online art gallery and boutique offering it’s international customers a wide selection of luxury hand-crafted artwork made with love and using resin from the finest quality. Our selection of products include : Paintings and Wall Objects, Modern Crafted Tables, Office and Meeting Tables, Decorative Home Objects, Commercial Signs & Banners and National Flags. In our Resin Workshop, we have developed unique ways of working with Resin and carefully selected wood to obtain an error-free finish of our products. All the designs are exclusively created by the Resin World professional design team. We are nonetheless happy to produce bespoke design to meet the expectations of our loyal clientèle.


About the Artist

Souhail Benjelloun, Resin World's Founder & CEO

Souhail Benjelloun is a Moroccan Resin Artist and Designer with over a decade worth of experience in the luxury and high-end interior design sector. Born and raised in Morocco, a country enticing contrast of traditional and modern cultures with a venerable history, Souhail has always been inspired by the bright colours, patterns and textures of Moroccan interiors.  Precision and a flawless finish have always been at the centre of his methodolgy and acquired artistic ability.  Highly passionate about crystal clear and coloured epoxy as well as woodwork, the designer launched Resin World to showcase his artwork online. Resin World will evolve to showcase resin artwork of other artists from around the world. 



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